Lights. Camera. Traction.

How do online personalities interact with their fans in a digital world? Through Autography’s suite of digital personalization tools! We’ve got new technologies for streaming media and event authentication so you can find, connect with, and maintain fans over your career.

Boosting Your Fanbase. Take 1

We archive fan’s information for you, creating a simple Customer Relationship Management system. You can also export this data from our system into any mainstream CRM system of your choosing. You can also export it as a PDF file to make it easier to read.

Real Rewards? That’s a Wrap.

Your personalized fan media includes embedded smart-technology for advertisers and sponsors. Redeemable through clicks or bricks retailers, fans receive personalized loyalty options in the digital media you are sending!

Cue Passbook, Stage Right.

With our built-in rewards program the corporate sponsorship possibilities are endless. You can show sponsors a definitive ROI via brick and mortar or online stores, and the same system can be used across streaming media, broadcast networks, or in person venues.