Desert Gods

David Brown

DESERT GODS (DMB Files Book Two) is for fans of Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden books, science fiction, action and adventure, and science fiction adventure.

"Witty, twisty and action-packed. If this is the future of humankind, I'm ready to enjoy the ride!"

In effort to protect his daughter, Jim Buckner plunges into the heart of the Rub' al Khali. But the closer he gets to silencing the nightmare man of his childhood, the closer he gets to his worst nightmares coming true. Evolving more terrifyingly than he can comprehend, his daughter becomes the only one who can save him. But only if he'll let her.

“A fast paced science fiction thriller”
“non-stop action”
“an action fueled romp”

A Message from the Author:

"Thanks so much for reading! Sign up at my website, to receive a complimentary copy of The Green Ones, Episode 1. And enjoy the Show!"

- David Brown

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