Shot Of Tequila

Joe Konrath

A gutsy robbery
Several million bucks, stolen from the mob...

A perfect frame
All caught on video, with no chance of redemption...

A red hot recipe for roaring revenge
Now one man must single-handedly face the entire Chicago Outfit, a group of hardened Mafia enforcers, a psychotic bookie, the most dangerous hit man on earth, and Detective Jacqueline Daniels.

His name is Tequila. And he likes those odds.

Shot of Tequila takes place in the early 1990s, and is both an homage to and a re-envisioning of classic action novels by authors like Mickey Spillane, Ross Macdonald, Donald Westlake, and Elmore Leonard, but with a more modern twist. The breakneck action is intercut with scenes featuring Konrath's series hero Jack Daniels, here as a supporting character chasing the main protagonist. Edge-of-your-seat suspense, non-stop action, and dark humor punctuate this heist novel/fugitive-on-the-run thriller. Fans of Konrath's police procedurals will enjoy the slight departure from his normal writing style, while still finding familiarity with the setting and characters.

Shot of Tequila is approximately 75,000 words.

A Message from the Author:

"Welcome to the future of eBooks. I'm really excited to be connecting with readers via Autography, and am thrilled to be able to electronically sign my work. Thanks so much for reading."

- Joe Konrath

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