Oliver Dahl

Salem Massachusetts, 1692: Tituba curses two young girls, but Ann Putnam Jr. isn't one of them. In order to help save her friends, Ann develops a plan to accuse the remaining supposed witches of Salem. As the death count rises, each lie buries her deeper and deeper under a curse of her own doing. This tragic experience of guilt, abuse, power, and love gives a first-person view into the spine-chilling months where neighbor turned on neighbor at the word of a little girl.

A Message from the Author:

"Thanks for checking out Lies! I truly believe it is my best work to date. The Salem Witch trials are an absolutely fascinating period of time. I hope you find "Lies" enjoyable, enlightening, and maybe a bit frightening. Fun rhymes aside, my day would truly be made if you ever took the chance to review "Lies" online or spread the word about it. It helps a lot. But for now, enjoy! 1692 awaits..."

- Oliver Dahl

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