& LAND IT:

    Autograph digital liner notes to
    push retail sales and streaming

  • MEET
    & GREETS:

    Interact with fans before,
    during or after a show

    & BRICKS:

    Include online fans
    at live events

Ditch the Selfies

Artists must manage their image (their brand) twenty four hours a day, especially when fans want to take a backstage selfie. Don't waste precious fan time on poorly lit, out of focus, low resolution selfies. Your fans should receive a high resolution photo that is personalized just for them. That photo is archived and easily replaced when a fan's device is lost, stolen, or simply replaced – keep the fans happy!
10 Reasons Bad Selfies are Dangerous

Boost Relationships

How are your fan relationships? They take time – the one thing artists simply don't have enough of. Our database holds all the information about your meet-n-greets.  Names, emails, dates, locations, venues, and times - artists & managers can export the data directly into their existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We also have advanced analytical and predictive tools to make your marketing dollars reach farther.  Rewarding fans has never been easier.

Adopt Incentives

Have you thought about a rewards program? Music is a competitive business and your competition, (whether you like to admit it or not), is chasing after your fan base. With our rewards systems you can entice new fans, retain long term fans, and decide where to make you best marketing investments."