Authors can now sign E-books
and send them to fans on any platform:

Customize Autograph Pages

Why be limited to simply signing the blank, white page of a physical book? With Autography your signature page can be splashed with color, creating a unique mosaic for you to personalize each fan’s copy. The signature page can brand the author, a particular book series, or a publisher. You can even select from a series of backgrounds on the fly, reflecting different book series, even different languages, quickly and easily!

Event-Based Branding

Those background pages can also be branding tools for venue locations. Libraries, wine bars, restaurants, as well as independent bookstores can be featured on these pages. Our embedded technology means every time a fans shares their autographed ebook on social media it helps promote that event or business.

Intuitive & Flexible System

Autography’s ebook software has a very simple, intuitive front end to ensure your line of fans doesn’t bog down. Authors can easily change pen size and color, erase mistakes, and drop pics of them with fans into their ebooks. The system back end collects an enormous amount of metadata that allows authors to keep in touch with fans. Events can be in person or through video streaming – hold an ebook signing over the radio if you like – Autography has all of your ‘back office’ needs taken care of.