Personalized Moments


From ComicCon in San Diego, to SXSW in Austin, to CMA FanFest in Nashville, to Book Expo in New York, Autography connects artists & fans across the nation. Athletes, authors, musicians and entertainers are using Autography to deliver memorabilia enriched with autographs, fan photos, lush graphics and sponsor branding. Users can even embed special incentives like free passes, special downloads and discounts in brick-&-mortar stores – rewards that keep fans coming back for more.

With streaming technologies reshaping the entertainment, Autography is helping artists reach, and retain their fans in person and online (at live events).  The bottom line, no matter where fans go, Autography has a way to engage them. So ditch the blurry selfies and poorly-lit fan snaps living on your mobile device and seek out cross-platform memorabilia that stands the test of time. Discover why fans, managers, labels and teams are turning to Autography.