Professional Sports

Touchdown Autography

In an increasingly digital world, your fan base is worldwide. What began with polite family and friends grows as a stand out prep matures into a collegiate athlete, and then, ultimately, a pro. As a professional, your fans can and will follow you when you change teams – Autography makes this easier for you to manage.

Hit Home with your Fanbase

You now have the tools to manage an audience over the course of a career. They can’t all come watch you in person, and even if they did, you could not spend one on one time with them all. But with Autography’s suite of tools you can maximize fan engagement over time, distance, and even across languages!

Customized to Boost Branding

Your sponsorships opportunities become even more valuable when you have real metrics to prove the Return on Investment (ROI) for your endorsements. Autography provides real-time metadata on fan engagements that remain archived for you (or us if you prefer) to help identify the best way of reaching, retaining, and rewarding those fans.

Fantasy League Sports

Passbook Promotions

Gain Some Passing Yardage

What’s better – a cash reward that nobody remembers or a personalized picture that will be treasured (and bragged about) for years? Athletes can engage with fans during the season, keeping up with the week-to-week momentum of Fantasy trades and action, and reward the best managers. Fantasy media can incorporate a loyalty reward program for discounted merchandise, free downloads, or ticket upgrades – however you want to reward your fans.

These virtual cards can incorporate the athlete’s image, brand, and endorsement partners (depending on contractual limits). However athletes want to reward their fans – in brick and mortar stores or through online-only vendors – Autography provides a means for every athlete to be an MVP! (Compatible with Apple’s Passbook and Google Wallet.)"