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For Publishers

Anticipating the ongoing shift in consumer buying habits, several prominent publishers and authors are moving to 'digital only' publishing strategies. No more printing physical books at all, therefore nothing to put in brick and mortar stores. As ebook sales continue their meteoric rise, authors and publishers will have to re-evaluate how they will reach consumers. Fewer retail stores and reduced emphasis on bookselling means the author's primary marketing tool, visiting stores to sign physical books, is fading fast.


Autography is already in discussion with several major publishing houses about licensing deals and special projects. If you would like to discuss an in house application or unique promotional project we'd be delighted to speak with you. Please call Robert or Tom at 727-388-1605.

Case Studies

New and emerging writers can give away signed sample chapters to introduce themselves to new readers who might otherwise never consider an unknown writer. Consumers who like the autographed sample then return to our website and purchase the full volume at their convenience. The now complete ebook retains the author's salutation and the publisher has a new customer they would otherwise have missed. As our database grows we will measure these kinds of trends to better determine market strategies for future publishing projects.

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