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Key Features

Autography LLC is a unique retailer in that we don't compete with the large online or big box retailers. We serve the true aficionados of story, with two very specific advantages that are uniquely ours. Our ebooks are:

> Personal: For the first time, authors can personalized an ebook as easily as they can a physical book. This autograph can include special graphics or even a photograph with the reader if they wish.
> Mobile: Consumers are not locked into a specific device or operating system. Autography provides a permanent archive of ebook salutations and other personalized media. If an eReader device is lost, stolen, or exchanged for another brand, personalized ebooks are replaced at no cost.

Nitty Gritty

Autography's methodology supports author marketing efforts wherever and however a consumer desires. Our system supports:

In Person Signings: Authors are freed from the brick and mortar prison. Rather than trying to entice readers into tired, outmoded stores authors can visit and interact with communities of readers wherever they are. The author is not restricted to a single title or publisher - all of his or her books can be chosen from a selection menu at the customer's request for autographing.

Remote Signings: In an increasingly online world, author signings have gone virtual. Using several different streaming video systems we've conducted author signings overseas and even over the radio! No high travel costs! No dragging around boxes of books. No lost hours of writing time in airports, taxis, and hotels. Virtually any location can become an author event because all of the business transaction processes have been taken care of!


In addition to ebooks we provide similar personalization services for Japanese Manga & comic books, graphic novels, athletic cards, and music/movie/video game cover art enjoyed on smartphones, eReaders, tablets and other media devices.


Our second Key Attribute, MOBILITY, means consumer's autographed materials will follow them whenever they change media devices. Technology evolves and grows, and our Digital Autograph Registry will ensure consumer's personalized media will follow them all the way.

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