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For Authors

Authors are now free to hold events in a wide variety of locations that were impossible to do before. Traditional book sellers had a virtual lock on inventory control, transaction management, and tax collection for selling books. The internet has changed all that. All of these functions now take place online, negating the need to drag and track boxes of books. No more making change or running credit cards when authors should be interacting with their communities of readers.


Authors can now get out to where interested communities of readers are and promote their work. Among the successful locations we have employed our patent-pending methodology are:

  • • Coffee shops
  • • Cigar, sports, and wine bars
  • • Hospitals, schools, and assisted living facilities
  • • A USO tour to overseas military installations
  • • During radio interviews - signing copies for listeners who call, text, or email


Here are examples of different types of author signature pages. These can be custom crafted to market a specific author, a series of books, a specific event, or simply incorporating in a photograph of the consumer and author.


Autographing ebooks brings publishing into the modern era. Everyone benefits from a closer interaction between authors and readers, but time and cost constraints have eliminated book signings for all but the biggest name authors.

Now however, ebook signings can take place anywhere in the world through streaming video. Cities and towns too small to draw big name authors can work together to create an audience large enough to justify an author event. At the same time, larger cities can be parsed down to more manageable size so authors are not inundated with requests and negatively impact the reader experience.

Authors who have traditionally shunned national book tours due to the costs, lost time, or impact on family and work lives can now interact with fans in real time. Setting aside a couple of hours a week, authors can 'tour' the globe and keep in better touch to inform their fan base about appearances, events, and new books coming out soon. Autography is pursuing several national agreements to promote author eTours. Keep watching for new announcements.


We love social media as much as you do! Watch our Twitter and FACEBOOK feeds for more information about new social media applications, projects, and relationships. As we quickly move to satisfy international customers we will also be incorporating many other social media firms. Keep watching here for announcements — and we'll be seeing you in many new places soon!

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