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Meet the personalized ebook: Autography LLC is a media technology firm in St Petersburg, Florida with a patent-pending method for inserting an autograph or other salutation into an ebook. This personalization can take place at the time of purchase or any time afterwards, including after secondary (used) sales.

The freedom to use any eReader: We support epub and mobi formats, allowing customers to enjoy their personalized ebooks on every major ebook eReader platform including the Amazon Kindle™, Barnes and Noble Nook™, Apple iPad™/iPhone™, and even the latest Android tablets and smartphones.

Custom tailored author signature pages: Authors are no longer restricted to signing a blank page. Autography's solutions include graphic-rich, customized signature pages that extend the author's brand beyond the book's cover. Authors can also elect to autograph a picture, taken at the event or from a stock menu, and insert that into their ebook.

Social network positioning: Consumers can export their autographed pages out to Twitter or Facebook and share their personalized media with others. Authors can tweet and update event/author Facebook pages from within the application.

Autography Has the metadata advantage: The metadata we capture provides crucial market research intelligence for authors and publishers. Who is buying a particular title? In what areas of the country should a new author market aggressively? What demographics are changing that an established author should consider before their next project?

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Casey James - CMA Autography Presents Sara Evans in Partnership with CMA Music Festival Fan Fest 2012 Autography Presents Casey James in Partnership with CMA Music Festival Fan Fest 2012